Do You Have the Fears of a Child or an Adult?

take from hppyflwr 

You Have the Fears of a Teenager
You are still finding your footing in the world, and a lot fear stems from your own insecurity.
You feel ready to be more independent and successful, but you're worried if you can really do it.

You fear failure, and you also fear humiliating yourself. The less confident you are, the more afraid you are.
Over time you are learning that everyone is afraid... you just have to act as if you're not!
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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday. Below is a video I took last night of the finale of the July 4th fireworks in Philadelphia. hogwartsvixxxen , obsidianmagick and I went to see the fireworks. A lot of fun. A lot of people. I wanted to share with you all that are not from Philadelphia to see how awesome it was. There's more videos to come but I have to ask hogwartsvixxxen about the others with her in them.

Have a great week!